Lincoln Terrace

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, OK, Lincoln Terrace is a neighborhood that proudly holds a unique spot in the city's rich tapestry of communities. This article seeks to uncover the many layers of this neighborhood, from its fascinating history to its contemporary charm and appeal.

Architectural Grandeur in Lincoln Terrace

Lincoln Terrace is a neighborhood testament to Oklahoma City's diverse architectural history. Notable features include:

  • Historic Homes: This neighborhood is a treasure trove of houses that perfectly illustrate Oklahoma City's architectural past.
  • Diverse Styles: Lincoln Terrace showcases various architectural styles, from charming Bungalows to majestic Colonial Revivals.

Serene Urban Living

Despite its central location, Lincoln Terrace offers a tranquil atmosphere, setting it apart from the typical city hustle. The neighborhood provides:

  • Quiet Neighborhood: Tree-lined streets that offer peaceful surroundings, ideal for families and individuals seeking quiet urban living.
  • Close to Downtown: Despite its serene setting, the hustle and bustle of Oklahoma City's downtown area is just a stone's throw away.

Cultural Landmarks and Attractions

Lincoln Terrace isn't just a residential hub; it's also home to many cultural landmarks and attractions. These include:

  • The State Capitol: The neighborhood houses the beautiful Oklahoma State Capitol, a significant historical milestone.
  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center: This leading institution is a testament to the neighborhood's contribution to Oklahoma City's education sector.

Strong Sense of Community

Lincoln Terrace is marked by its close-knit community spirit. This is visible in its:

  • Community Events: Regular events foster a sense of belonging among the residents, enhancing the neighborhood's charm.
  • Active Neighborhood Association: A proactive association is at the heart of community efforts to preserve the neighborhood's heritage and improve its quality of life.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Even within an urban setting, Lincoln Terrace offers its residents plenty of green spaces and opportunities for outdoor activities. The neighborhood features:

  • Local Parks: Several parks provide a green oasis within the city, perfect for picnics or outdoor games.
  • Walking and Biking Trails: Beautiful trails allow residents to maintain an active lifestyle while enjoying the neighborhood's natural beauty.

Convenient Connectivity

Lincoln Terrace's prime location and excellent connectivity make it a preferred choice for many residents. The neighborhood benefits from the following:

  • Public Transportation: Multiple transportation links connect Lincoln Terrace to the rest of Oklahoma City, ensuring a convenient commute.
  • Proximity to Amenities: The neighborhood is close to essential amenities like shopping centers, restaurants, and more, making everyday living easier for its residents.


Lincoln Terrace is a neighborhood that beautifully blends historical charm, tranquility, and modern conveniences. Its architecturally diverse homes, serene environment, cultural landmarks, strong community spirit, and recreational spaces make it truly unique. Whether you're a history buff, a peace seeker, or looking for a harmonious blend of urban and suburban living, Lincoln Terrace offers something for everyone.

Discover this historical treasure in Oklahoma City, OK, and experience the warmth and charm that set Lincoln Terrace apart.

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